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Welcome to the Carmen de los Chapiteles

Located in a unique setting under the Generalife gardens in The Alhambra. Facing the charismatic and popular neighborhoods of Albaicín and El Sacromonte we find the Carmen de los Chapiteles. Its origins date back to the 14th century, and six centuries later, we can still admire its original coffered ceilings and enjoy the beauty of its Nasrid Gardens.

The Carmen was a gift from the Catholic Monarchs to the General who commanded their armies, the Grand Captain, Don Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba when the city of Granada was taken, and the Reconquista ended. That’s how the story of what was once one of the most beautiful and precious houses in the city started.

Inside we find several perfectly preserved relics, beautiful rooms ideal for hosting any celebration, and spectacular gardens with a unique view of Granada.

As a traveler once said:

“They told me that in Granada there was a treasure, and I found it. It’s the Carmen de los Chapiteles.”


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